.TagTeam Jam presents: HELLBOY.

Hello Hellooooo! This an art Jam i did with my good friend Johny-hugsies- .I love his style, he has really nice and clean lines, and he rocks when it is about dynamic pictures.His talent got him into the UDON book...em, don`t know the name, but you all do, don`t ya?SO you better visit his gallery or you`ll be missing some really cool art!. find him at
We do this jam under the name TagTeam.Johnny came up with this cool idea ages ago, but we never really DID anything, until now. So be checking us out every week, beacuse each 7 days you`ll get some fresh Tag Team Jam news.
C and C welcomeeeen-yes, welcomen.-
Hellboy belong to god Mike Mignola.:heart:

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