.: un dia de fotos:.

estas fotos las tomo mi amiga milena en el parque cerca de la universidad ayer.Otra pocas las tome yo.Estuvo muy muy divertido!


.:The Ant Bully:.

I had the chance to watch this movie past weekend, and i really liked this character, so I made a picture of him!


.:History Class:.

sooo, today i was completely unable to pay attention in class*more than usual*so, i this this doodle, and kinda like what it came up like


.:Ooom, creo q me quedare aqui un rato mas:.

lo manche con tinta por accidente ~u~



what makes a fat kid happy?
que hace feliz a un niño gordo?

.:Le Spectre:.

Hello there!I decided to make a new blog, this time, dedicated only to sketches and illustrations, maybe some of my 3d models! soon enough this will be filled with sketches and cool stuff about new artists and animated film industry