.Julien Bessette.

Un amour pas aussi étrange que lui semble

.El encuentro en gestacion.

So, this is a comic i started but did not finish, the story was quite weak at the time, but now i tied some loose ends and it looks a lot more promising.Hopefully i will have it ready next year, and it might even turn into an animated short film! who knows......
so here are 3 pages, the 3rd one is the one that was not finished,it was suposed to be a 7 page comic, but i think it will be longer now.


.un poema en el vacio.

so, i was feeling so very lonely the other day... i wrote this totally depressing poem hahaha

Asi que, el otro dia me estaba sintiendo muy sola, y escribi este poema que es totalmente deprimente, pero me gusta bastante


.Le Gardien.

cover for comic


.sueños 2d.

This was i dream i had after recieving the most wonderful thing in my mailbox: Patricio Betteo`s book, "Never Ever After". It was sooo wonderful that i had a dream in a 2d world where everything had Betteo`s style.This is my subconciou`s reinterpretation of his drawings.

You can buy his book at http://www.branstudiopress.com , the mailing service is excelent, the book arrived quite fast.I honestly don`t know why this book is not sold out yet, it is by far one of the best books ever.I just love it.
Obviously this painting of mine does not make any justice to the awesomness waiting inside those pages, but i made it with great care for this artists work, who is to me, without a doubt, one of the best illustrators out there.